About Us

Our Story

Millennium Home Care, LLC is a business that takes pride and joy in serving elders and completing their daily needs to remain happy, while they continue to live amongst their community and in their own homes. We started out when we needed a Personal Care Attendant to take care of a family member when we needed to travel long distance, but there was no one to do it that met the requirements that we needed. After thinking long and hard about the situation, we decided to ask a relative to stay with her, and it was not ideal for them but they did it anyway. When we came back, we took on the process of creating this company because we felt that it was a passion for us, it was a goal for us to have elders treated with respect, and give them the proper care that they need.

We know how it is when a patient calls a big company to request in-home care and they are put on hold for 5, 10, or even 15 minutes just so they can speak to someone who may even transfer them to a different person. We know how it feels, we’ve been there! We are staying away from that. When our clients call us, they get us!

Our mission

Millennium Home Care, LLC dedicates itself to treating our clients with the utmost care, respect, and honesty. We pride ourselves in these because we feel that it is the backbone of trust, the foundation that needs to be laid out to begin the process of trust and understanding between our clients and us. Opening this business took a lot of time and patience, and from the beginning, we committed ourselves to providing quality care to our clients to enrich their lives and assist them in maintaining individual independence.